Promovision Interactive is a digital media agency and production company specialising in online video content, TV infomercials, mobile app development and mobile wallet solutions. The company was formed in 1987, and has produced over three hundred promos and commercials for travel, tourism, leisure, property sales and entertainment industry clients worldwide. We have extensive experience in all aspects of digital media production and mobile marketing and can provide consultancy, planning, filming and video editing services.

Interactive video

Social Media

Publish your video content on all social media platforms and mobile apps.

Training and Education

All your staff and employees can access your company training video through password-protected folders hosted on content delivery platforms like Amazon. Online video avoids wastage and save time and cost in producing printed materials and DVDs - and postage costs. An important advantage is your staff can view your company's training video anywhere and anytime. Get yourself in front of millions worldwide – and it’s free to upload and host your videos.

Custmomer testimonials

Feature real testimonials from your customers or interviews with your Sales staff and ask viewers to comment.


Promote your product or service with a demonstration video or your company's advertising message. Publicise and increase awareness of your brand in an entertaining and informational with audio-visual information, music and commentary

Online video

Video is an ideal medium to communicate news and information - fast and effectively. Online video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo allows you to distribute your promotional, product demonstration or PR video to millions of viewers and to share it on social media - at no cost. Online video marketing is now the most cost-effective ways to reach your customers and to attract and retain their attention. Video increases recall of your brand and product by over 50% compared to just 28% for text and images. In pure costs, online video far outweighs the benefits of traditional media and costs considerably less than producing printed brochures.